Cincinnati Nature Center offers visitors spectacular experiences among more than 1,600 acres of forests, fields, streams and ponds. With twenty miles of award-wining trails on two picturesque properties, the Nature Center provides something for people of all ages during all seasons.

Educational Programs that are designed to spark a lifelong passion for the environment. Children attending our Nature Preschool learn through hands-on exploration, and our innovative Schools Program focuses on helping teachers incorporate nature into their curriculum, so nature becomes a relevant component they can use to teach science, literacy, math and social studies. Vibrant Summer Camps give children of all ages and abilities the chance to hold a frog, or catch a butterfly. And Nature PlayScape, a 1.6 acre enclosed habitat lets children safely explore forest, field and stream with minimal human-made interventions.

Twenty miles of award-winning Hiking and Recreational Trails are built and maintained using best practices for sustainability and minimal impact on the ecology. There are trails for all ages and abilities, novice to experienced. The Discovery Trail has a surface that allows for wheelchair and stroller access.

— Our Center for Conservation is focused on land and water conservation both on our property and throughout Southwestern Ohio. Milkweed to Monarchs is an initiative of the Center, and exemplifies how each of us can play a significant role in preserving our native ecology. Recent conservation efforts on Nature Center land have restored 50 acres of inactive farmland to prairie grassland and 2,000 feet of impacted stream to stable, natural channel, and an ongoing battle against invasive species is resulting in new techniques that are being shared across the U.S.

— We encourage Scientific Research on our properties to study ecology and natural history. Staff naturalists as well as “citizen scientists” and outside organizations conduct field studies throughout our 1,600 acres.

— A vibrant Community Outreach program provides positive outdoor experiences for over 550 underserved children and youth each year, through day camps, in-school programs, after-school enrichment and parent/teacher training. Our staff members work with community service partners throughout Greater Cincinnati to plan and implement meaningful experiences in nature.